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288.09 // Alliance Launches New Offensive into Chiss Space

In the wake of former Chief of State Aquittene’s funeral, leaders in both Galactic Alliance military and government leaders have met to discuss the future of the war effort on the fronts of the former Commonwealth.

Admiral Wilkinson of Coalition High Command has confirmed to GHN correspondents that Alliance warships have crossed into space formerly occupied by the Commonwealth, now under the iron fist of the Ascendancy.

Already sieges have begun on the border worlds of Borosk, Morishim, and Serenno. The Chiss fleet, that once stood as an intimidating behemoth of force, has been crumbling to Alliance cannons in the daring counter-assault.

“With the large amount of space the Ascendancy has conquered, it has significantly expanded its borders.” commented Coalition strategy analyst, Col. Taleed Dremine. “With little cooperation from the locals and subversive efforts from within, it appears the Ascendancy’s armed forces may just be spread too thin.”

With relatively few skirmishes between the Ascendancy and the Alliances in recent months, the new offensive shows a drastic escalation in the war. Therefore, though the early stages of the Outer Rim sieges look promising, the Coalition has requested new volunteers as well as veterans to re-enlist. With the help and support of the public at large, we at GHN hope we are seeing the beginning of the end.

Nik Carraway, GHN News