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288.02 // Mos Endos to undergo renovation

As the gap between rich and poor continuously expands in the galaxy, the unemployment rate has continued to rise as more and more communities are falling into poverty.

Tatooine has been no exception. Deep in Hutt space, Tatooine has never been short on scum and villainy. Wealth goes into the hands of the corrupt as the honest slave away for limited wages.

However, a particularly hard hit area on the planet has been the city of Mos Endos. Known for its pollution, slum-like quality of infrastructure and rough streets, Mos Endos has been referred to by many as the “kr*ff hole of Tatooine.”

Yet even amidst a dark and dreary time, a beacon of light can shine among the darkness of the masses. A generous donor, who requested to remain anonymous, has recently signed a deal with local contractor, Zechs Charr, to renovate the slums of Mos Endos.

“We plan on repairing the city’s decrepit public structures, renovating private residences in the lower class parts of town to raise property values, and construct a local starport,” Charr commented before spitting loudly by this journalist’s feet.

Upon hearing the news, locals eagerly voiced their opinions on the matter. “I think it’s great that we’re doing something with this dump! It will be nice to actually feel proud of my home,” said Tia Marx, age 31. “I lost my job recently, and times have been tough for me and my family since then. But I think having the new starport here will put a lot of people back to work, and that’s a break this town needs,” Lars Ulson, 45, stated.

Locals may be excited, but some citizens of the Galactic Alliance were skeptical of the renovations. “I don’t know who would want to invest money in Hutt space,” Raxon Bracis, 52. “We all know where the money really goes. It never really gets to the people. The Hutts take what they can get and the locals settle for what’s left.

Good idea or bad idea, this investment has been the source of a great amount of polarity since the news became public. But who is this donor and why did he wish to take an interest in a community the rest of the galaxy chose to forget? We may never know, but GHN will work tirelessly to find out.

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