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287.23 // Chief Of State Assassinated During Public Speech!

During the public speech set on the world of Brentaal IV, which was broadcasted live across many systems, Chief of State Caden Aquitenne was assassinated in front of millions of viewers and the crowd massed on Breental outside of the Government Center. Many have called to question the security measures in place and the decision to allow the public speech to go ahead in the first place, the Senate back on Coruscant has erupted into a frenzy as the latest blow from the Ascendancy seems to have rocked the very foundation of an Alliance already in turmoil. We had our very own reporter there at the scene…

[ Jidal Tokel:

“It all seemed pretty straight forward in theory. The Chief of State would come out of the Brentaal Government Center and address a small crowd which were given clearance to attend. There were a lot of cameras and equipment around so for something which was supposed to be low key there were a lot of people in the know, something which clearly has to be questioned by the Senate. It was said that the Chief of State had taken the drastic decision to show the people of the Alliance he still had the heart and spirit to continue on, even after the latest defeats which weighed heavily on the Alliance’s shoulders. I could see the security team formed around the center stage but also set up on different buildings so it looked like they had taken as much precaution as they could have with what was available in resource to them, the Brentaal security had also formed up a perimeter which was supposed to screen each individual commuting to the area or attending the speech within the crowd. Also in a bid to boost the security even more I spotted two men which clearly seemed to be the presence of the Jedi Order as the security team attempted to secure the safety of Aquitenne. Some have also questioned if the Jedi Order had done enough in assisting with the security measures. Nobody was available for comment…

However, all of that didn’t stop what many people had speculated would happen at this public appearance. The attempt on the Chief of State’s life started with an explosive weapon fired at the crowd which looked intended to hit the staging area but impacted behind the Chief of State and the security team forces. The blast sent some of the security personnel in the air whilst the crowds crumbled into panic and fear.

People were running in fear as shots were fired between the Ascendancy forces and the alliance security, many got injured during this cross fire where some were wounded fatally. Chief of State Aquitenne attempted to flee the scene, obviously to the surprise of the Jedi who gave chase but just as you thought he had made the right move in making his way towards the shuttle waiting docked across the street that he was struck down by another Ascendancy member, this time carrying what appears to be a lightsaber. For complete confirmation holovid experts studied the footage and have confirmed that the man known as Rinne’selen’omare, is responsible for the murder of Chief of State Aquitenne.

Footage shows that the Jedi chasing down Aquitenne arrived only seconds late due to the Ascendancy forces charging towards him but it seems that yet again a plan was put in place that had every outcome covered. Soon after Rinne’selen’omare struck the Chief of State down he fled the scene towards the lower city levels with the Jedi close on his tail. Sources have suggested however that Rinne’selen’omare managed to lose them in the city sewer before exiting the city quickly.

Many questions are still unanswered at this point but now the attention has turned towards the Senate in a bid to calm the mass hysteria emitting from many political posts. The question remains, what will be the Alliance’s next move be at this time?

Jidal Tokel, reporting for GHN, Brentaal IV.” ]

We will keep you posted on any more information coming from Brentaal IV.

Now, back at the Senate the question put around at the moment is what do we do now? What will the Alliance do now that the Ascendancy has delivered an even bigger blow to the stability of the Coalition Forces? Do we continue to fight with what we have whilst the politics handle themselves? Do we surrender in the midst of the chaos after the broadcast went out live to millions? It seems that many opinions are changing and shifting drastically as the public seem to be split in opinion. We go now to speak live to our Correspondent from Coruscant, Billik Roufhston…

Billik, thank you for joining us. Can you describe the feeling on Coruscant after yesterday evenings incident?

[ Billik: “Well, the Senate has been buzzing since the early hours today and the word going around is that there appears to be a desire to place a successor into the Chief of State seat as soon as possible. It’s a very strange move but I think there is a power struggle going on as decision on the course of the war seems to be dictating what will happen with the now vacant seat as Chief of State. It seems to be very busy and very hectic inside but a lot of the discussions are being held behind closed doors but sources are coming through that candidates are emerging thick and fast and we might have some big to report in the coming hours or the next few days at most.” ]

Interesting stuff, so Billik seeing as you have been there for a while now during the early stages of the war and now caught up in the political rush after the death of Chief of State Aquitenne. What do you think the outcome will be from the Senate?

[ Billik: “I have a feeling that the Senate will be looking at candidates to succeed Aquitenne, one that will appeal to the majority who at this current time are quite literally split in opinions. I think things are going to be up in the air for some time but then once it comes back down, there is going to be an extreme rush throughout the Senate with an announcement to follow… I’m certain nobody knows really, what will happen next.” ]

Thanks Billik, reporting from Coruscant outside of the Senate.

More reports coming in with figures from the Brentaal attack in regards to casualties, with even more coming through as an investigation into the security measures taken during the public speech begins with an inquiry likely to go over every inch of the measures in place. When we have more we will let you know.

Reporting from Coruscant, Nik Carraway, GHN.