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285.03 // Coalition Launches New Recruitment Campaign


Next cycle, the Coalition Military is expected to launch its latest recruitment initiative, aimed at capitalising on the passing of Senate Measure 8062297C two years ago.  Enlistment figures among 16 and 17-year olds has tailed off in recent months, and with the war showing no signs of reaching a conclusion, military officials are keen to keep a steady supply of reinforcements.

GHN was granted exclusive access to the materials soon to be hitting holo-mags and billboards across Allied space and is proud to be the first to reveal some of the highlights of this year’s campaign.

Your Planet Needs You!

Sixteen is an important milestone for any young sentient and at this point, you’re no doubt asking yourself: what next? The decisions you make today may be among some of the most important in your life. Your future is now solely in your hands, and what better future can you get than a military career?

Don’t meet the requirements? Never fear, for the Coalition Combined Non-Commissioned Officer’s Scheme will guarantee you funding for a degree course of your choice upon honourable discharge.  Gain discipline, respect and the drive to accomplish anything – enlist today!

With a GPA score of 75% or greater, the Coalition Unified Officer Development Programme is your ticket to a guaranteed career for life. The best and brightest in Coalition space have combined their efforts to provide a comprehensive training package that will not only provide you with a full officer’s commission in either the Galactic Alliance or People’s Commonwealth military (determined by the applicant’s citizenship upon enlistment), but all the skills you need to be successful in the career of your choice upon optional discharge after your service (minimum 7 years of active duty).

By incentivising enlistment with post-military support, Coalition High Command is hoping to win over the hearts and minds of not only their target demographic, but another essential group: parents.

General Z’raa Lessik, Chief Recruiting Executive for the Core Worlds, has said:

“…nothing is more important to us than the future of our young people. With this latest scheme, we aim to not only invest in our military security, but our economic prosperity in the post-war period.”

As always, GHN will bring you any updates as they happen, when they happen. Look out for more excepts in the coming days as we approach the official release next cycle.

Kes Invictus // GHN