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284.30 // Your Views: The Commonwealth’s Surrender


The speculation regarding the Commonwealths surrender has been non stop since it was announced by Prime Minister Selene that they were prepared to negotiate with the Ascendancy to bring about an end to their war. However, during this period the focus has shifted over to the Galactic Alliance as Chief of State Caden Aquitenne portrayed a strong notion to continue the war against the Ascendancy through to its conclusion, boldly stating, that it would be with the defeat of the Ascendancy.

Recently we launched a survey to gather the public opinion on the recent developments with the war, today we have released but only a few of the thousands of comments we received.

  • Alyx, 45, Selvaris, Says:

News of the Commonwealth surrendering comes as no surprise to me.  After all the crap they put up with, it was only a matter of time before they yielded. I can only wonder what move Aquitenne will make next in response. One thing is for sure, with the Commonwealth out of the way, the GA is next on the Ascendancy’s to-do list.

  • Felipe, 25, Naboo, Says:

I tried to get a transport to Melida today, but was turned away! People are fighting for seats and even stealing private ships in an effort to get out before the surrender is finalized. There are policemen in the streets trying to keep order, but none of it is working.

  • Elaine, 50, Zaadja, Says:

Zaadja is the closest planet to Chiss territories. What am I going to do?  All of the space ports are closed and Chiss officials have already started to arrive.  What kind of laws will they begin to enforce? How will our lives differ under Chiss rule?

  • Jacelyn, 19, Corellia, Says:

My brother lives on Cerea because of his work, and isn’t allowed off the planet!  Isn’t the GA going to do something? They need to step up and destroy the Chiss! They’ve been nothing but trouble for everyone in the galaxy.

  • Aesna, 36, Kiffu, Says:

Honestly, with the Commonwealth gone we have a much better chance of defending ourselves against the Ascendancy. Now that they aren’t mooching all of our resources, we can put those towards defending any oncoming attacks.

While controversially…

  • Mar’lafin’ekahn, Coruscant, Wrote:

This only shows how merciful the Chiss can be. We know that the Ascendancy has the resources to wipe the Commonwealth out of the galaxy, and yet we chose to let them live. Aquitenne should take notice of that.