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279.19 // Galactic Coalition Reformed, War Declared


Coruscant, Heart of the Galactic Alliance

Following the rapid loss of Alliance systems in the Outer Rim at the hands of Mandalorian forces, Chief of State Caden Aquitenne of the Galactic Alliance met with Commonwealth Prime Minister Paol Selanne on Coruscant in order to discuss the future of their nations. In the tight company of defense secretaries and military heads, a decision to reform the Galactic Coalition Military eventually seized the minds of all present, as the motion soon found its way to both represented congresses. With unprecedented quickness, both the Alliance Senate and Commonwealth Parliament agreed in great majority not only to combine military might, but to formally declare war on the Mandalorian war machine and Chiss Ascendancy in unison.

Despite the bitterness of the Commonwealth towards the Alliance in regard to its position of disobligation in combating the Chiss, all past insults have seemingly dissipated following the meeting on Coruscant. Prime Minister Selanne commented compendiously:

Let us leave behind trivialities of the past in order to maintain a future for our people.

With the resurrection of the Galactic Coalition, it is unknown if other entities, such as the Hutts, will join the militaristic cause. Moreover, the position of the Jedi Order remains the most intriguing, as it  has undoubtedly found itself in a confounding position of oblivion. Once finding itself in the face of exile, it now stands on a mantle of both limbo and wonder, as citizens re-evaluate their past condemnations of the ancient institution. There now simply remains a question of how far the forgiveness of the Jedi shall reach, if at all, to the other citizens of the Galaxy.

279.19 – Elharr Bitim // GHN