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279.21 // Ascendancy Engages Coalition, Expands Conquest to Alliance Space

Following a formal declaration of war, the Ascendancy has responded fortuitously against the allied Coalition, effectively expanding its number of conquered systems by three in the forms of Bimmiel, Sernpidal, and Belkadan within the past standard days. This success of conquest finds significance, in that the surprising re-conquest by the Commonwealth at Bimmiel has now been turned over on its side, in addition to Belkadan being the first conquered Alliance system at the hands of the Ascendancy.

While there is no current formal declaration of war on the joint part of the Ascendancy and the Mandalorian war machine against the Coalition, military leaders have seemingly bypassed all formal pleasantries and instead assumed to be in the direct faces of the enemy. Coalition and Alliance Admiral Sisko Terissen commented on the situation:

We (The Coalition) are dedicated towards pushing the bloodeye and Mandalorian menace back into their respected territories and liberating our people from their dishonorable grasp. Rest assured from that point on we will seek to punish these dissidents into a point of minimal submission — and maximum destruction, in order to achieve galactic justice.

Despite the confident speech by Admiral Terissen, the looming fact remains that Coalition forces are finding difficulty in maintaining a foothold in their defense. If the war is to end in short time, the allied military will be strictly obliged to find a chain of significant victories against the invaders, returning the favor that they are currently receiving themselves.

279.21 – Bak Sota // GHN