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277.26 // Mygeeto All But Lost to Invading Forces, Legitimacy of Chiss Involvement Still in Question

Mygeeto Battle

Destructive Evidence of Battle on the Outskirts of Jygat, Likely a Product of Artillery Fire

To begin, we would like to apologize to the residents of planets within the Gordian Reach, as it seems our latest transmission regarding prior events on Mygeeto were not received completely by most receivers. In recap, Mygeeto was reported to be invaded by Chiss forces, and that Commonwealth forces had been sent to recapture the planet. However, in the short time passed since our first report, rumors and various photos have added to the argument that Commonwealth forces have been steadfastly defeated, with death tolls already in the tens of thousands. However, these few reports are all that GHN, and even the Commonwealth itself, can use in order to extract information.

It seems Commonwealth forces outside of the immediate area of Mygeeto are at a loss in terms of identifying the amount of Chiss forces present in the invasion, in addition to the actual legitimacy of these forces being of the official order of the Chiss Ascendancy. Most transmissions out of Mygeeto have presumably been intercepted, leaving military command on Telos, let alone Naboo on the other side of the Galaxy, in a state of utter confusion. While the Ascendancy itself continues to remain silent on the matter, Galactic Alliance intelligence has only reported that on 277.24, invading forces crossed free space in Alliance territory, subsequently dropping out of hyperspace upon reaching the Commonwealth planet of Mygeeto. While this report seems to be legitimate, analysts have cast the supposition that the Alliance may be withholding information from the rest of the Galaxy.

Military analyst Takkl Mja’rahn continued to spread doubt over the situation today, speaking out in a speech to crowds gathering outside the Senate Building on Coruscant. He stated:

… Not to mention the absurdity of rogue Chiss forces banding together to support an astounding campaign against the Commonwealth, we must question how any splinter group could manage to gain control of a critical planet like Mygeeto and yet remain undefeated by some of the most highly trained forces in the Galaxy. Question your government. Question it boldly. The truth deserves to be known. It is too convenient that there is such little information available to military commanders across the Galaxy.

Government heads on Naboo continue to scramble in search of vital information.

277.26 – Vianova Kariya // GHN