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277.27 // Chiss Forces Extend to Generis

Generis Jedi

Battle Aboard the Generis Orbital Base Reveals Chiss Forces Engaged with a Jedi

We have just received word that Chiss military forces have successfully invaded the Generis system and subsequently taken over all military operations by infiltrating an orbital base outside of the planet’s atmosphere. This photo of a Jedi in-battled with Chiss soldiers, taken by a base droid and sent to Commonwealth military command, is the only evidence of invasion outside of rough distress calls sent out before all communications were subsequently cut off, presumably by the Chiss.

If validated, this demonstrates the apparent indomitable success of invading Chiss forces, as in order to have reached Generis, the planets of Morishim and Ord Biniir would undoubtedly have had to fall. No reports about the two aforementioned planets have reportedly been received by the Commonwealth, which is currently chilling as well as enlightening. Our military analysts have strictly concluded that this is indisputably an act of war by the Chiss Ascendancy against the Commonwealth, as the necessary estimate of resources required for the success of this invasion could only have been acquired through official government sponsorship.

While the Chiss Ascendancy remains quiet on the matter, all seems to have been revealed as at least four planets have fallen in less than a cycle’s time. The Galactic Alliance has since offered its services to the Commonwealth to report any happenings within its territory, though currently it seems nobody except the Ascendancy truly knows the extent of which its forces have expanded. Keep watching GHN as new developments inevitably arise.

277.27 – Nax Litous // GHN