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271.15 // Rebel Commander Still Unfound

As the efforts to repair the damage on Nensil commence, the Galactic Alliance has cleared the entire capital of Zvarma City from militant violence after only two remnant skirmishes following the unconditional surrender by rebel generals. Despite peace flowing back into the capital and other satellite metropoles, the supposed commander in chief of the rebels in form form of the Dark Jedi Rejok has remained unfound.

With warships Titan and Skywalker controlling Nensil space, there have been no reported outbound space flights from Nensil space outside of Galactic Alliance cruisers, leading the GA to believe that Rejok is still at large somewhere on the planet’s surface. Though Galactic HoloNews has been given little information pertaining to this subject, we do know that interrogations of rebel leaders have supposedly has shed light on the path of capturing Rejok and ultimately putting all remnant distractions to rest. As we have always done throughout this period, we will keep you updated as new leads develop in the Search for Rejok.

271.15 Elharr Bitim // GHN