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271.12 // Pirate Activity in the Cirrus Sector

Pirate activity in the Cirrus Sector has been a problem the Galactic Alliance has had to deal with for so long that it has almost become the norm. However, lately this activity has become  more intense, which has lead to an increase in complaints from the local government about the lack of control from the Galactic Alliance over the sector.


Among the most notable recent robberies was that which involved the wealthy businessman Lidropol Luchak, of Nubia, who was going to visit the planet Cirrus on vacation. Unfortunately,  he was a victim of a pirate boarding along with the rest of the crew on his ship on 271.09.

Fortunately, the crew has only suffered the psychological shock from this event. The pirates left the ship as soon as they had plundered everything they could collect, gaining a decent treasure.

In reply to this incident, the Galactic Alliance has declared there will be more control over the sector, in order to gain an upper hand in the problem that afflicts this sector.