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270.27 // The Battle of Zvarma City Commences

With the arrival of Galactic Alliance troops, the capital of Nensil faces a current standstill as both sides begin to solidify.

Finding no resistance upon arrival, the Galactic Alliance warships Titan, Felion and Skywalker were able to transport thousands of troops to the surface of Nensil in order to combat the rebels. Organizing with the loyalists under the command of General Dex Thesor, the Alliance has halted the destructive advances of the rebel Nensilites. This resistance group, now known to be called the Coalition of Rejok, has nevertheless remained confident in the presence of professional soldiers.

Though still little is known about the cause of this internal war, it has widely been speculated that this is a grasp for power of Nensil, and a total rejection of the planet’s recent inclusion into the Galactic Alliance. Hidden within once very sensitive knowledge, it would seem that the name “Rejok” would appear in the association of the former governor of Nensil, Maylock Ovilat. This Rejok was heavily integrated with the military branches of Nensil, which may explain the division within the ranks of the army. As far as who this supposed leader is, the main figure would have to be the defined Dark Jedi seen in Galactic HoloNews’s exclusive footage. The Jedi Order has yet to comment on this individual, though a report is expected within the coming days.

The resistance had an almost free range of attack before the sudden surge of Galactic Alliance troops, bringing the death toll to over 15,000 personages. However, with the heavy air and space support keeping the resistance at bay, the entire southern hemisphere has been claimed by the Galactic Alliance. Though there have been battles found in various cities within the northern hemisphere of Nensil, the main focus of the war has been in the capital of Zvarma City herself. There, urban combat has made strategy more complicated for both sides involved, as ground vehicles have been limited in their movements.

Whatever the coming battle holds, we can only wish the Galactic Alliance a sound strategy in this conflict and the future safety of the people of Nensil. As always, our eyes will remained peeled on this small, industrial planet on the fringes of Wild Space.

270.27 Elharr Bitim // GHN