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270.26 // Civil War on Nensil

The newest addition to the Galactic Alliance faces an internal civil war as a bloody assault, headed by militant rebels, leaves thousands dead.


It was a perfectly normal afternoon in Zvarma City, the capital of Nensil as many a passer-by were made witnesses to the sunlight kissing the tops of the large, silver government buildings of the city. The beautiful spectacle would soon turn into catastrophe however, as multiple Chaos-class bombers littered the ground with a deadly swiftness that instantly took the lives of many.

In a chilling observation, the bombers were able to bypass clearance by the very fact that they were part of the Domestic Nensil Military (DNR). Amidst the chaos of being attacked by their own military, many government officials hastily fled the capital to the southern hemisphere of Nensil as many normal citizens faced the fury of the bombardment. After a period of thirty minutes, the bombers ended their runs as a brief calm came over the city streets before dozens of military-class shuttled descended upon the ground.

With the loyal and brave police forces gathered in front of a particular shuttle, it would appear that a Jedi or supposed “Dark Jedi” had been involved in the attacks, as the footage would show the personage slaying the forces before taking out the brave soul holding the holocam. The military would soon land hundreds of ground forces in its perceived attempt to take the capital.

The estimated loss of civilian life has been estimated at more than 8,000 citizens, as the situation has remained obscure to the rest of the Galaxy. However, Galactic HoloNews has received reports that legions of the DNR have remained loyal to the government of Nensil and the Galactic Alliance and have mounted a defense against the rebels. In addition, an emergency session of Congress on Coruscant has quickly approved a dispatch of Alliance troops from Bothawui to aid in the defensive efforts.

A link to the recovered footage may be seen here:
Exclusive Footage

Galactic HoloNews will keep you up to date on the situation as it progresses.

270.26 Elharr Bitim // GHN