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264.18 // Space Debris Crisis Worsens Near Corellia

CORELLIA – Inner Rim diplomats expressed concerns today as the space debris crisis worsens rapidly. While Strategic Space Maintenance (SSM) teams have been deployed to capture some of the rubble, experts say that over ninety percent of it has been broken down into such fine quantities that it is difficult to detect, let alone clean up properly.

Ugkharj Kabar, a leading astronomer at the University of Corellia, released a statement today stating that “Our primary concern is not so much the isolated debris scattered throughout the Duro Sector, but rather the space junk clustered near Jumus and Froz, the gateway of the Corellian Trade Route. If the situation worsens, then we run the risk of having to close certain regions of space in the interest of safety and thus reducing our ability to continue to export as many goods and services. This crisis is therefore not solely environmental; it poses a serious threat to the economic stability of the region. The Chief of State of Nubia issued this statement:

“Furthermore, I will not allow this sort of pollution to impact Nubian affairs. I am now working with local representatives to ensure a fifty percent increase in funding, to be immediately allocated to preventative measures to ensure further damage is not incurred.”

Pollution could affect major trade routes near Corellia.

Pollution could affect major trade routes near Corellia.

The Corellian Trade Route was briefly shut down for a period of five cycles in 262 ABY following a series of deaths caused by mechnical malfunctions due to damage from space debris. This chain of events created supply shortages, ravaging Corellia and nearby Sacorria, Froz, and Talfaglio. Space port managers say that they will not hesistate to take similar measures in the near future if they deem commercial space travel to be unsafe along the trade route.