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264.19 // Drug Bust on Jovan

JOVAN – Authorities of the Jovan Station arrested five men for attempting to smuggle 500,000 Galactic Credits’ worth of glitteryll through the securities of the station in an effort to distribute the spice throughout the planet of Jovan.

The five criminals, all Bith, were caught earlier in the cycle when a lone police official who would like to remain anonymous became suspicious when he spotted the perpetrators transferring large amounts of cargo into smaller ships in one of the station’s hangars. Upon inspection, the officer searched through the cargo to find the illegal substance hidden beneath several packages of ground caf beans. The five were soon arrested and transported to the planet for holding.

Authorities comment that the incident was “fortunate for [them]”, in that there has been an increasing spice trafficking problem within the Gordian Reach sector, and that many of the dealings go unnoticed by the Galactic Alliance. However, the regional law enforcement remains optimistic in cracking down on the future distribution and selling of glitteryll and other banned substances throughout the territory.