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259.18 // JEDI Holonet Renovation

Greetings JEDI and Community,

The Jedi Council is proud to announce the launch of the renovated JEDI Holonet. Indeed, the previous version had been taken down after maintenance back in 237, and was never restored due to its usual lack of updates and complexity to maintain. This completely new version is meant to be more dynamic and easy to maintain thanks to the WordPress blogging platform.

Here is a short features list of the JEDI Holonet:

  • General information about JEDI
    • Holonews covering IC, OOC and JEDI-specific news, with the ability to filter by date and category
    • Temple information: overview of the clan, server tracker, rules and how to join
    • Archives of the Temple: JEDI Era information as well as general Star Wars knowledge
    • Residents: members list, always up-to-date thanks to RPMod
    • Data: downloads required or recommended to play on the server
    • A link to the Comport (forum)
  • Easiness of use for the Holonews contributors (no technical knowledge required)
  • Search across all news and pages
  • Cross-platform compatibility (tested with all recent web browsers)
  • JEDI dates (almost) everywhere with RL date tooltips (try the date of this post)
  • And much more to come …

Thanks to everyone who made this possible:

  • Ctathos Ederoi: graphical design
  • Soh Raun: coding and WordPress integration
  • Erue: hosting
  • The Council and Gabe Alkorda: writing content

This website being very new, please don’t mind missing or duplicated content on the Comport and Holonet for the moment, as some topics still need to be migrated to the website.

For any comment, suggestion or problem, please contact a Council member through the usual channels.

– The Jedi Council