JEDI HoloNet

By joining the JEDI clan server (also referred to as the JEDI Temple), you are submitting to these rules and resulting consequences of breaking said rules. Please take time to read them, if possible even before joining our server for the first time.

Information about JEDI

The JEDI clan is role playing based. When on the server, role playing is mandatory unless otherwise specified by an Administrator and/or Councilor.

JEDI’s role play setting is that of the Star Wars universe. The JEDI Era is set at a little over 250 galactic standard years after the Battle of Yavin. All references to the Star Wars universe that are not ambiguously canon are considered real in JEDI’s setting. Due to story arcs that are still in development in the Star Wars universe that are chronologically before JEDI’s era, we are constantly having to update and retconning references and personal opinions regarding Star Wars canon material.

More information about JEDI, the Temple and the Era is available in the Temple section as well as the Archives section. Please take time to familiarize yourself with JEDI in general as soon as possible.

General Server Conduct


At the JEDI Temple, respect is imperative, and asked to be observed at all times. The JEDI community consists of many age groups and backgrounds. In order not to cause or receive offense, respect is utmost necessary. This includes respect In Character (IC) and Out Of Character (OOC) of everybody – JEDI or not, friend or not, Initiate or High Council. Respect is to be earned and given, but not requested.

If at any time a JEDI member, server administrator, or a member of the JEDI Council informs you of an infraction that you are committing which disrupts the role playing, you should comply immediately.


As a role playing clan, JEDI asks that players maintain a character that is realistic and acceptable in the Star Wars universe. Thusly all in-character (IC) play should be appropriate for the setting, in names, background, origins, species, and appearances. To encourage players to develop their character, only one character can be played at any time by the same player.

You will find more information about character creation and development in the Rules and Tips forum.


As realism is one of the keys to Role Playing, we ask that you maintain a behavior that is appropriate for JEDI’s environment. Following is a non-exhaustive list of rules and guidelines:

  • Cross-server communication that is not utilizing a commlink (/comm command) or telepathic medium is considered unrealistic and is not allowed.
  • Constant running and jumping would make an individual tire, and should be avoided outside spars or particular circumstances.
  • The name of the different players is only an OOC indication – there is no way your character could see them hovering over people’s heads. Therefore, take the time to meet people you don’t know yet and introduce yourself.
  • Going Away From Keyboard should not be publicly announced. Simply retire in a dark corner, an appropriate place (dormitories…) or switch to Spectator.
  • Disconnecting from the server should be done in an empty place or dark corner, to avoid disappearing in front of other people.
  • Out Of Character chat should be kept to a minimum, as it is global and can disrupt the RP of other people. If you are only talking to one person OOC, please continue your discussion in private chat (/tell command).

As a general rule, before doing something take the time to think about what you would do, and what your character would do.

Special chat tags:

Since the JEDI clan uses the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game as its medium of play, there are limitations in role playing and actions. Specific text brackets have been employed to specify things that only text may enact in role playing. They are as follows:

  • Actions that are performed by your character should maintain double colons (::) at the beginning and end of the action.

    =Gabe=Alkorda=::JEDI::: ::Picks up his lightsaber::

  • Audible sounds that are not words should maintain an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of the audible noise.

    =Gabe=Alkorda=::JEDI::: *Huh*? Oh yes *mhmm* I understand now.

  • Out Of Character (OOC) public chat on the server is occasionally necessary and needs ((double parentheses)) at the beginning and end of the OOC communication.

    =Gabe=Alkorda=::JEDI::: ((Everyone please switch to clan chat.))

  • Translations: some characters don’t speak Basic (Star Wars equivalent to English), requiring a translation device. Translated speech should maintain double greater-than/less-than symbols (<< and >>) facing towards the text specified as translated speech. At some point during play, a player should reference what Star Wars language their character is speaking.

    =Gabe=Alkorda=::JEDI::: ::Translated Huttese:: <<Hello>>

Server Administration

Server administration access is given to trusted members for purposes of aiding the realism of training and dealing with rule breakers and offenders. There is no set administration procedures when dealing with individuals who break the server rules, other than mutual respect. However if and/or when a server administrator gives you an instruction you should follow it without question.

If you feel the server administrator’s instruction is in any way against any of the rules the JEDI Council has mandated, or that the server administrator is abusing his/her access, you should still comply with their directions, but record the time, date and situation and submit the information to The Jedi Council for review, explaining how you felt it was out of line.

When kicked from the server, it is equivalent to a “time-out”, not a warning. All warnings will be given in the form of text communication. When kicked from the server further instruction will be given, typically directing the “kickee” to read or reread the rules in order to comply with them. If an offender has claimed to read the rules, and further breaks them, they may be subjected to a ban from the server, temporarily or permanently, at the discretion of the server administrator and/or the JEDI Council. In such an instance, the banned individual may submit an appeal to the JEDI Council.

Attempting to avoid a ban, by changing the IP address or using another Internet connection on purpose, will force us to contact your Internet Service Provider.


The JEDI clan operates its own and currently exclusive server mod, called RPMod (courtesy of the Jedi Councilor Soh Raun), referencing and utilizing programming from the Open Jedi Project, as well as alterations of the base Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy programming and design. The RPMod is done in free time and for the enhanced betterment and enjoyment of JEDI’s role playing and gaming experience, thus not maintaining a set schedule of release updates or minor modifications.

The RPMod’s features and information may be found here.

The RPMod utilizes private accounts which store settings and information made to enhance your character. Private account creation information may be found here.