JEDI HoloNet


If you are one to dream of becoming a Jedi and study the ways of the Force, and have a willingness to go through the difficulties that come with doing so, then this is the place for you. Our top priority here is to help our students grow with the ever present guidance from the Force.

The history of the Jedi Order spans back over a thousand generations. At one point, the ancient traditions of the Jedi were almost lost during the time of the Clone Wars many years ago. However, through the Force they were revived by the knowledge and strength of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Over a century ago, Master Skywalker set out to reestablish The Jedi Order. To maintain the ancient traditions of the Jedi once again, Master Skywalker set forth to put into practice the search for potential students with a strong connection to the Force. As it was then, it is today; the path of the Jedi involves the deepest commitment, the most serious mind, and it is expected that one hold dear these traditions if he is to follow this path.

Character Creation

Typically, a Jedi begins his/her journey in infancy (between the age of five and ten years old) and is in that case required to understand that once starting out, the character is new to the galaxy with little life experience. Any past family ties a character has are required to be severed. Doing things this way enables us to begin the student’s career with a blank slate opening one’s self up to receiving the most that can be taught without potential baggage from the past. Since the Temple is structured towards the instruction of younglings (children), roleplaying a child is also preferrable. Please note that even though older characters are not forbidden, it is strongly advised to start with a young character for the reasons above.

Remember, our role playing time frame is more than 250 years after the Battle of Yavin (A New Hope). Therefore, your character must be living within a reasonable time frame in our history. Also your character’s history must fit within this history as well. So, for example, you cannot be from Alderaan as it was destroyed more than 200 years ago.

To create a character takes much creativity and thought. Creating a character allows you to begin a story and therefore gives you a place in our time frame. We suggest that you research what species you wish to be and choose a name fitting for that species. Also, It is important that you stay away from using famous characters of the past for relations or name ideas, as we want to have the most creative atmosphere as possible within our role play. Take the time to read the different topics in the Rules and Tips forum, to help you in the creation of your own character.

Joining JEDI

When your character’s background information is ready, please register on the Comport and send a PM to the Council Secretary Droid containing at least:

  • Your character’s species, age and homeworld
  • You character’s biography (a third-person narrative text, not too short, telling your character’s story)
  • Your timezone (just for information, we accept people from everywhere)

Please note that during the Hopeful phase, your character will not age.

The purpose of this Application is inform the Council of your desire to join JEDI and at the same time, give us a first impression of you. Know that the Jedi Council alone will choose those who are judged worthy of becoming a Jedi, and that it can take some time before we make a decision. Remember that it is by participating and showing a good behavior, both at the Temple and on the Comport, that we will notice you and get to know you better. Note though that even if role-playing is mandatory, a previous experience of role-play is not required.

To become a Jedi, the path before you is arduous. Not all will be able to complete the trials that lie ahead. Know also that the path to the Dark side is ever present, and the temptations are many. Be mindful of your task at hand, and let the light guide you in all your decisions. Those who are successful will enter a brand new world within themselves.