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With the increasing success of the Jedi training outpost on Bacrana, plans were underway to seek further suitable locations for similar projects. However, following an attack on the seemingly invulnerable Ossus temple, these talks were expedited by the High Council and a shortlist of potential planets was created.

During early 346 ABY, several students from the diplomatic departments of the various established temples were sent to assist in negotiating permission from the local residents of these planets. The planet Lyta, chosen for its proximity to the Ossus temple and growing populace, was visited by Student Emissary Duncan Therin and an arrangement was made.



Kagain Rusk

Additional Information

The Jedi Training Outpost on Lyta was established on 346.17 ABY

The location and existence of the Lyta Outpost is not public knowledge to the wider galaxy.

Permanent Instructors

Jinx Chonchoban

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Kobiert Duquane