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Jinx Chonchoban

Homeworld: Iridonia

Species: Zabrak


Jinx, from a young age, always found himself interested in the more combative arts of his homeworld of Iridonia. This led to him becoming, once formally a part of the Jedi Order, an expert on hand-to-hand combat and an enthusiast for the lightsaber, his favored form being Ataru for it’s aggressive and high energy nature.


Jinx is known to be a very lively man, some might even call him playful. An odd Jedi Knight to be sure, especially with his profound gifts in combative abilities, he’s known to be a strong combatant, yet has a softer and more welcoming side as well. He enjoys greatly instructing those that seek out lightsaber arts and was extremely excited to hear when he was being shipped out to the new Lyta Outpost for Jedi trainees.


Jinx, born on the planet Iridonia, was exposed to very advanced technology, as well as being exposed to some of the more thrilling aspects of fighting. His father, Gertend Chonchoban, and his mother, Evelyn Gren, proved to be very welcoming to their young son’s enthusiasm for fighting, viewing his adventurous spirit and extremely hardy behavior as a good sign.

However, perhaps it is more the lifestyle and setting that proved to make Jinx the avid fighter that he is. The part of the world that Jinx and his family lived in didn’t prove to be a very welcoming one, hardly a place to even have a child. However, it was thanks to Jinx’s skill and precognition that he came to be recognized by the Jedi Order.

One day, a Jedi (one day to be his mentor) arrived. Mikara Komad had found himself on assignment to the Zabrak homeworld of Iridonia, the assignment ending up to be no more than a petty dispute, in an area relatively close to young Jinx’s home. Jinx, as predicted by now, was out fighting again. He wasn’t a very well liked person, despite his goofy personality. On this particular day, he found himself in an alleyway, biting off way more than he could chew. As Komad was returning from the assignment, he stumbled upon this meeting in the dark corners of Iridonia.

Komad immediately took to helping this seemingly outnumbered young man. However, Jinx proved to be a worthy combatant, despite being outnumbered more than five to one. He was a skillful fighter, with or without the Force. He was able to incapacitate two of his opposition before finally coming to a brutal standstill as he was tossed against a wall, before Komad rushed in to end the quarrel.

After exchanging words, Komad deduced Jinx’s gift in the Force. Komad, along with the family’s permission, took young Jinx back to Ilum to train to become a Jedi. The two bonded naturally over the span of their time together on the ship back, and given his already advanced age, it would be unfavourable to make him an initiate of the Jedi Order, Komad knew. It is for this reason that Komad apprenticed him shortly after being welcomed into the Order as his first padawan learner.

During their time together, Komad intentionally made use of Jinx’s skill in combative situations, though he did not neglect Jinx’s diplomatic training. Jinx was Knighted at the age of twenty six. Having endured many, many trials and assignments during his life, his varied experience making him a prime candidate to be a leading instructor at the new Lyta Outpost for Jedi. He welcomed this chance with open arms, taking great pride in his work as he began to train the students after construction.


315.08 ABY – Jinx Chonchoban is born on Iridonia.
329.17 ABY – Jinx Chonchoban is initiated into the Jedi Order.
329.19 ABY – Jinx Chonchoban is apprenticed to Mikara Komad.
345.03 ABY – Jinx Chonchoban is granted the rank of Jedi Knight.
346.27 ABY – Jinx Chonchoban is transferred to the new Lyta Outpost for Jedi as a permanent instructor.

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