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After the Civil War on Vohai, which took an immense toll of the Medical Health Care around the neighbouring sectors, a non-gouvernmental organization called “Outer Rim Health” has began preparing necessary steps to install a Medical Station within an abandoned Hutt Palace. The Jedi High Council saw seen great potential in establishing this station for the Jedi Order, approving necessary funds for the construction.

In the years 396 and 397 ABY, Jedi students were sent to the location to provide support in the establishment of needed technology within the structure, thus enabling the NGO to act more properly. Locals are aware of this project, and have unfortunately done little to help as they are currently focused on keeping the economy of Cotellier afloat themselves. Jedi Knight Rhuacca has seen to this arrangement, and talks with the Council have shown avail.

The Medical Station will be used by both the Jedi Order and the MediCorps, enabling both parties to educate students in regards of Medical Health Care.




Additional Information

The Medical Station on Cotellier has been established on 397.04 and the official Jedi presence has been approved on 397.09 ABY by the Jedi High Council.

The location and existence of the Cotellier Outpost is public knowledge to the planetary government and the neighboring systems.

Permanent Instructors

Pordradrio Vicilantiscar

Lentulus Crussetius

Zaza Kurugoz