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Jedi Knight - Master Archivist

Homeworld: Kashyyyk

Mentor(s): Jao Ryn, Zechs Demming

Species: Wookiee

Padawan(s): Aranna Vaan, Serbithar Muunen


In the year 340.03, the female Wookiee Taynshyyy gave birth to her son Rhuacca. A brown pelted, strong wookiee who now inherited the traits of his father, Rhalshh. He grew up in Thikkiiana City, which was a wroshyr tree city on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. It was a major exporter of computer technology, and the New Republic used the computers for its Defense Fleet.

In his early years, Rhuacca proved to be a very stubborn and independant child, never agreeing on the decision his parents made. Whenever his father asked him to accompany him for a hunt or her mother asked him to help in the granary, Rhuacca usually refused to help. He went out on his own to discover the huge forests and archipelagos of Kashyyyk, which would be one of the reasons where he finds out that he is strong with the force.

One day, Rhuacca did one of those “little lone expeditions” to ease his curiousity. And as he jumped from one tree to another, he was sure that something in him was giving that strength away. It took quite a bit of time until he got exhausted from all the climbing.

It came to the local shaman’s attention and so he verified the little wookiee and came to the conclusion that he was force-sensitive. That conclusion led to the departure of Rhuacca from Kashyyyk, so that he may join the Jedi order and use his yet undiscovered powers for the light side of the force.