JEDI HoloNet

Promoting JEDI

JEDI members as well as general community members are welcome to promote JEDI and invite friends to visit us. When doing so, please always include a link to this web site, and ensure JEDI’s purpose and rules are clear, to ensure a smooth role-playing experience for everyone.

Please also note that although JEDI is on friendly terms with several other clans, strong partnerships that would for instance extend to sharing story arcs are not under consideration at the present time. Members of friendly clans and communities are welcome to visit JEDI, but are required to fit within JEDI’s Era and Rules to ensure a consistent role-playing experience within JEDI. Ranks from other clans are not recognized within JEDI. For more information, clans and communities interested in having relationships with JEDI are welcome to contact the JEDI Council.

The JEDI Name

JEDI as a clan name was established around December 2003 by one of its founders, Axem Keigoku. Using JEDI as name is both very simple and very meaningful – everything mentions it: a Jedi Temple, filled with Jedi Knights, members of the Jedi Order – the JEDI clan encompasses it all.When referring to the JEDI clan, both “JEDI” and “::JEDI::” may be used, the latter being our in-game tags. Within the JKA community, the original JEDI clan name only refers to the community located at

More information about the clan’s history is available in the Clan History section.

The JEDI Logo


Fruit of much work and reasoning, the JEDI Logo is best described by its author, Jared Quell.

Greetings honoured brothers and sisters.

As we discussed, the order’s insignia was in need of an update. I looked closely at some of the historical insignia used by the order and have settled on this new design.


Of particular note is the central lightsaber, the most obvious external symbol of our status as Jedi which offers some direct continuity. The surrounding wings symbolise both the orders symbolic rise from the ashes of conflict and oppression as well as the Force’s capacity to allow sentient life to transcend beyond the normal limitations of beings.

Still present are the three circular abstractions, but they too posses several meanings. They still link us to iconography of the Alliance and Republic of old, whose core values were inspired by Jedi, but the significance of the number three is also important. There are three classical paths for Jedi, Guardian, Consular and Sentinel and all of us relate to one or more of these paths on some level. There are also three remaining temples who have survived the troubles of the last few decades and I felt it was important that these branches be recognised and remembered in future Jedi generations.

Finally the star-burst at the centre of the lightsaber… It represents not only the Jedi as beacons of light, but also hope.

I hope you find the design to be fitting,

Master Quell.

Download and License

A complete package including Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and transparent PNG versions of the logo is available for download by clicking this link.

Creative Commons License The JEDI Logo by The JEDI Clan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Attribution requires including the JEDI name as well as a link to this web site, JEDI Members are explicitly granted a limited license to use the JEDI Logo for Derivative Work within the JEDI Clan, such as forum signatures or game assets; this extra license terminates when leaving JEDI membership. Derivative Work based on or including the JEDI logo outside the JEDI Clan is prohibited.

For any question regarding JEDI logo usage policies, please contact the JEDI Council.