JEDI HoloNet

The Story Behind the Story: JEDI’s History

In 2002, a great game was released by Lucas Arts, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Only few weeks after the game was released, a player known as “Keigoku” appeared in the small, yet popular AP server.

For months, he trained, learning the game to its fullest, not only through skills, but also the mechanics of the clan systems, and was soon to give his friend Kamisama Hi a copy of the game. They then worked toward a clan named *JO*, the Jedi Order. Kamisama made a small website for it, and the two then worked toward getting members and starting off “for real”.

More of an arduous task than first thought, Keigoku and Kamisama needed help. Stumbling upon another troubled clan, EDK (Elite Dark Knights), they’d meet the leaders Saibot and Dethinc. After much discussion, they decided to merge the two clans, each giving something and eventually formed the EKJO – Elite Knights of the Jedi Order.

They were known for their skill and dedication, and for a time it was good. Until the day that power-hungry Dethinc began his fall toward the ‘dark side’ of clan managing. He changed the very formula EKJO was built on, didn’t consult and even ignored the other 3 Councilors, and eventually casted out Kamisama and Keigoku (now known as Axem Keigoku), into seclusion.

After these events, Kamisama resigned and put away his JK2 disc, while Axem went back on the road to give JK2 a true Jedi clan. *<JO>* was born again. Meeting new faces in early 2003, many were to join Axem’s growing clan. Strong persons such as Humungus Zle and Kinem Zrael joined him in the leadership, making things even better.

Eventually, however, confusion, bickering, and distrust grew within the ranks of *<JO>*, resulting in Axem Keigoku leaving that community as well. Through several turns of events, a new clan was built by Axem Keigoku and two friends from *<JO>* by the names of Erue and Vos Desu. Started up in December of 2003, this new clan was originally called -JO-, the Jedi Order, but was soon renamed to simply: ::JEDI::

::JEDI:: was initially a very loosely RP-based clan, renowned for their skills as duelists. The members would spend their time dueling one another, having free-for-all matches, or simply sitting around chatting. However, about a year after ::JEDI:: was founded, the clan began to waver. Many members had left, activity was dwindling, and more members had plans of leaving. By February of 2005, the ::JEDI:: server was nothing more than a common FFA server, and it wasn’t much longer that the High Council of the time, Axem Keigoku and Dixo Xan, decided to shut ::JEDI:: down.

However, Axem was never much of a quitter. He spent the next few months rethinking how ::JEDI:: had functioned, and began seeking out new faces to possibly make up the early ranks of ::JEDI:: when he rebuilt it. Eventually, with the help of an old friend, Master Shimi Zaki, Axem reopened ::JEDI:: around July of 2005. Some of the first new initiates would go on to have long, bright, and influential careers in JEDI. Alkaiser Aruladan, Phoe Nhix, Corinth Alkorda, Gabe Alkorda, Soh Raun and Ctathos Ederoi were among this fresh new batch of JEDI’s members.

It was during this reinvention of ::JEDI:: that roleplaying become a much more integral part of ::JEDI::’s ideals. Many changes were enacted by the High Council of that time period, which consisted of Axem Keigoku, Shimi Zaki, and Alkaiser Aruladan. It was around this time that ::JEDI:: moved from JK2 to the newer game, Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy. Cross-server chat was banned, a core set of classes was established, the Voice Council was created, training sabers were introduced, and eventually missions began to be set-up and run on occasion. This was the beginning of the ::JEDI:: that exists today.

Since those early days, ::JEDI:: has continuously grown and expanded, consisting now of an innovative new website, well-organized and maintained forums, three JK3 servers that are actively used, ::JEDI::’s own custom “RPMod” created by Soh Raun, and a solid membership base of 40+ individuals. Going on it’s 10th year of existence, ::JEDI:: is truly a clan to be marveled at, and is surely not one to disappear anytime soon.