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430.06 // Massacre on Tarabba Prime

A massacre on Tarabba Prime as forty-three men tried to stop the infamous leader of White Bantha, Salazar Haka, from escaping incarceration in a Republic-controlled prison.

“The walls and the floors were covered with blood like crumbs, body after body was left in the wake of Salazar Haka and his allies. Flickering corridor lights hid even more severed limbs in the dark shadows.”

Whilst this may sound like a description of a horror holo-movie, it’s not. On the night of 430.05, Salazar Haka, former leader of the infamous “White Bantha” organisation, and by means unknown, managed to escape the prison of Tarabba Prime. Fellow inmates and guards alike ultimately suffered, cut down in a bloody break-out that left dozens dead and far more wounded, the prison itself a scene of chaos and death.

The last prisoner escape from this facility prior to this was on 417.02, and the Republic devoted considerable funds to improving the security of the prison – though to less effect than was clearly hoped for, judging by the events of today – such that the prison was known as one of the most secure in the region.

This, however, did not stop Salazar.

Major Rako Syvar, Warden of RJA Tarabba Prime, had this to say:

“We mourn for all who’ve died doing their duty on this terrible, terrible day. I – I… I wish to not say anything more, but an investigation is currently ongoing.”

With the tightening of the facility’s security in recent years, the question has to be asked: how did this happen, and what will follow? The Republic will no doubt be concerned at the risk of further violence from the White Bantha, now that their leader is free. What will Haka do next, and who might suffer for it?

This is Haaru Mash, reporting live from from Tarabba Prime.