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404.19 // Republic doctors assist after brutal extraplanetary attack at Skynara

Grief today as the inhabitants of the planet Skynara recover from a sudden and brutal attack from offworld forces.

The attacking force was small. It’s estimated that less than one dozen agitators participated in the violence that occurred. One enemy combatant was captured and treated on board the hospital ship NASH-4077 “Hawkeye” by joint Republic volunteer doctors and Jedi from a nearby temple. Of the great number of patients treated by the experimental medical frigate, over 95% of the injured they received are expected to make a full recovery, alleviating much of the suffering that would have otherwise come out of this violence.

Upon questioning, the combatant disclosed that they were working for ‘their liege’ who commanded soldiers out in Wild Space, though he did not disclose where the main base, nor what the identity, of his liege was.

The planetary government of Skynara issued a formal thank you to the Galactic Republic following these events for their medical assistance. In addition to this, however, they reaffirmed their political sovereignty and disinterest about joining the wider galactic community.

“It cannot be stated how thankful we were for this new NASH program the Republic has implemented. Having a fully-equipped hospital literally show up at a moment’s notice saved innumerable lives in a moment of deep crisis on our planet.

With that said, the people of Skynara value the sovereignty of our planet and the ability to maintain direct control over local issues. Being so close to Wild Space, our lifestyle and concerns do not have any overlap with those issues one would face on the ‘bourgeois’ planets in the core.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Galactic Senate as an independent body and friend.”

~Prime Minister T’skali of Skynara

The captured combatant was extradited from Republic custody to the planetary government of Skynara after making a full recovery and is currently still being held as a POW.

Details on the attack have been hard to obtain as the Government of Skynara has been unwilling to share details about the events that transpired specifically. They did release a casualty count. Preliminary analysis indicates that 3,000 civilians were wounded and, of those, 38 were killed. Among the deaths were a number of children as an explosive charge detonated near a school, causing a collapse of the entire complex.

Questions remain: Who were these people who attacked Skynara from Wild Space? Is this a prelude to future violence out in the rim, or was this attack simply a microcosm of what happens out of the security of Republic Space? Only time will tell.

Reporting from Skynara, this is Iddzie Orlbuck