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398.14 // The Manning Inquiry: stay updated

Ex-governor-general and senator Laa’ken Ruun is to be investigated for prospective charges of war crimes, bribery and treason, the Senate Investigation Unit decided today. An official inquiry has finally been called after years of lobbying by prominent senators into the conduct of Laa’ken Ruun during his tenure as Governor-General of Vohai.

Though a divisive figure, many in the Republic see Laa’ken Ruun as a proud patriot and military leader that helped steer the Republic away from dangerous terrorists and corruption on the Outer Rim. The call for an inquiry has been met with conspiracy theories and responses of the “establishment” getting their own back.

However, Ruun’s rule of the planet was seen by many as an anti-democratic power grab. As governor-general he was given the authority by the Chief of State to effectively oversee military, judicial and economic practices on the planet while only being answerable to the Chief of State directly. The crisis around this resulted in the last Chief of State resigning, and Laa’ken Ruun’s hopeful attempt at becoming Chief of State in his stead.

Senator Manning, leader of the inquiry, had this to say:

“Despite the opposition’s claims of bias, this investigation would categorically not have been launched without significant evidence already existing that leads us to believe that it is worth officially prying open. The Vohai Civil War was one of the most destructive and violent conflicts since the Imperium Wars, and it wasn’t even outside of the territory of the Republic. An investigation into the conduct of Laa’ken Ruun is long overdue.”