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388.26 // Zade 0 unifies under new Queen

Following years of upheaval and newly forged alliances, reports state that the system of Zade 0 has unified under a single sovereign nation. The planet, which was stalemated on the brink of civil war for a number of years, has unveiled a new leader, the recently coronated Aldayna Priok.

Zade 0, which lies on the boundary between the Republic’s furthest reaches and Wild Space, was colonised approximately 150 years ago and was governed by smaller subcomponent nations. Though already represented in the Republic Senate by a Coruscanti spokesperson, the ascension of a new Queen has called for a reorganisation of the planet’s on and offworld intergalactic relations.

Queen Aldayna’s former rival state, the Covenant of the East Palisades, has released a statement following the unification, praising the new monarch on her grace and dignity during the peaceful merger. Queen Aldayna, who previously did not attend to any title, gained recognition across the system for her charismatic attitude and honorable laws, swaying the planet’s independent regions to join her cause without the need for force.

As of yet, the Zade 0 government has not released any further statement, though it did release images of the coronation.