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385.02 // Lost childhoods.

Since Koyso Chewai’in and Resuli Concaf went missing on Calus 2 years ago, official figures state that 11 other cases of missing children have been added to the investigation. However, whilst the official total sits at 13. Holonews has received confirmation from a senior GRID source that GRID believe and are working to the assumption that the actual figure is closer to 19.

Despite no new reports in the 3 cycles of any more taken children, it has been estimated that those already taken have spent nearly 31 years between them in captivity. No one knows where they are, but if you have any information that may aid the investigation you can contact GRIDs tip line on frequency #5555.3333.1111 case ref: #784147912.

GRID and The Jedi Order have not commented on the investigation in recent cycles and it is unclear whether the decline in regularity of kidnappings is down to action taken by the Order and GRID.

As always, the Holonews will endeavor to bring you breaking news as and when we receive it.