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384.11 // Adapt. Survive. Thrive

Citizens of Corellia are today thanking the Jedi Order, after they successfully thwarted an abduction operation led by a band of highly trained mercenaries. The mercenary group known as “The Shattered Stars’ were targeting a pair of twins in Coronet due to be taken to be taken to the Order to begin training, however under the protection of the Order not only was safe passage given to the children, all members of the Shattered Stars were taken alive. It appears after being initially taken off guard by the targeting of force sensitive children, the Jedi Order has adapted and implemented new protocols and it appears to be working for them.

However, whilst the Order seem to have the situation in hand, there are reports of other children beginning to go missing in other force sensitive cultures. It was confirmed that Twi Mor, a young Omwati due to begin his training to become an Omwati shaman, was taken from the planet Omwat. There has also been unconfirmed reports from the ancient world of Haruun Kal of a missing child.