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383.11 // Snatched child on holiday resort planet.


Sandy Beaches.

Luxurious Spas.

A Parents Worst Nightmare.

Reports are coming in from Spira about an abduction of a child Celsili Tooanna. It appears that Celsili was taken during the Hyperwaves Light Show, a spectacular light and firework show performed nightly by the Starscene Resort, last night.

Whilst all of Spiras starports are on high alert, an insider source tells us that the authorities are not hopeful that Celsili remains on the planet, commenting that due to Spiras popularity it is a difficult place to lock down.

One of Celsilis teachers from Rodia has been quoted saying

“She was force sensitive you know.. Her parents pulled her out of school to go on this holiday because the Jedi where to due to come and collect her next cycle. Poor thing..”

Whilst no formal link has been established between Celsili Tooana, and the other disappearances of two boys from Calus, Resuli Concaf and Koyso Chewai’in, when questioned GRID representatives declined to comment at this stage.

As of yet, there is also no official comment from the Jedi Order.