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378.08 // Riot turns bloodbath with Jedi conspirators

While riots and strikes grip the Galaxy, the planet of Vohai sees a bloodbath as Republic Garrisoned troops open fire on protesters, leaving 57 dead and 12 critically wounded. Men, women and children were gunned down in the streets of the Capital City.

In a surprising turn of events, members of the Jedi Order known as Teynara Jeralyr, Sirius Invictus and one unknown youngling were spotted supporting the Republic Garrison before the bloodbath took place.

The planetary Governor X’kados has yet to make a statement, but the Galactic Government has promised a full inquiry. The Chancellor, in a preliminary speech, has stated: “We are still in the process of gaining all of the facts at this moment.” To follow the inquiry, a full trial will take place, if any members of the Order or Republic troops are found guilty of any crimes.

A mass outcry for the arrest of the planetary Governor, X’kados, has gripped the Galaxy has a whole. Pictures of the victims have been seen on standards and banners that rioters have held.

Due to his Jedi background, a prominent Planetary Governor, Senator and statesmen, Lord Ruun, answered our questions with this to say:

“The actions of the Jedi are unclear, but as no Republic soldiers were injured, it is clear that they were entirely complicit in the murder of these civilians. The planet of Vohai has been crippled with corruption for decades, and actions, like this, must not go without reprimand and the full force of intergalactic Justice.”