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378.22 // Murder In Hutt Space!


We turn our attention back to Hutt space where things have been ‘popping off’. Coming back to us now the Hutt Clans, though often disorganized and fractious have unfortunately lost one of their council members. Goolag the Hutt was a renowned name in the far eastern quadrant of Hutt space. It was reported that he had an iron grip of the planets that he controlled often offering the highest levels of authority and apparently claimed to be looking to rid of the bad stereotype the galaxy has placed over Hutt Space. Unfortunately, his good efforts have come to a halt as he has been confirmed dead by Hutt Authorities in his palace on Barab I.

It was reported that he had received a gash mark across his hand, his wound cauterized. A lot of links show to a young Jedi Padawan who goes by the name Mer’dok to be the culprit. Many in the Republic believe this to be a direct attack on the Hutts by the Jedi Order, some claiming this to even be an assassination of sorts. Governor X’kados who was once a Jedi Knight gave us his thoughts about the Jedi’s possible involvement in the murder:

“Honestly I don’t see the Jedi being at fault, there’s most likely more to the picture but who knows. The Jedi are great people. They literally train all their lives on correct morals and ethics as I was once apart of their family and I still am, so I doubt they have an involvement in this, though who knows.”

Leader and face of the Jedi Order Grandmaster Don’roq who has recently been under heavy scrutiny after his plan of expanding the Jedi Order not getting off to a strong start after an unforeseen stock market crash politely accepted our statement request to which he said this:

“Currently the Order is under a lot of pressure. I’ve had to cancel two summit meetings between the branches In order to solve internal issues after the stock market crash. I want to say thank you to all of our donators for still believing in us. I’m sure that we’ll pull through this rough stage. As for the murder, it’s still unclear what judiciary Padawan Mer’dok will be trialed under though I can assure you that there’s something more to this than what meets the eye”

Tensions only rise in Hutt space. We can only hope for the best.