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354.05 // Terror on Rodia

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A huge explosion has occurred on the Kay-Tap Square on Rodia which took 23 lives and left 11 injured. The local police department is now searching for clues and counts on support from local citizens or anyone who might be involved with this action.

We have an eyewitness who has seen the explosion from a safe distance:

“I saw the explosion! A very big one indeed and all the people standing there suddenly vanished like they have been swallowed from the ground! I don’t know what to say … i-it’s really terrifying that something like this happens right before your eyes. From now on I will lock my door forever when I stay at home.”

People have reported also that there were several hooded men who were wandering around the market with cloaks. Many theories are being suggested for why this has happened.

More information will be reported shortly.