JEDI HoloNet

335.21 // Wormhole


Astronomers around the Galaxy were taken aback by the sudden creation of a wormhole near the Phu system. Scientists believe that this wormhole has the capacity to transport people to a different Galaxy; and more worriedly, transport people into our Galaxy. Astronomers monitor the wormhole to study, experiment, and hypothesize, but do not intend to venture inside of it. In fact, earlier today, the R.S.A (Republic Space Agency), requested further involvement from the Republic Senate, fearing an invasion similar to the Yuuzhan Vong.

The Empire’s astronomers also arrived to study the space anomaly. Both the R.S.A and E.S.O (Empire Space Organization) have made contact and surprisingly intend to share data to better scrutinize the wormhole. Republic Senator Yuii Fel’kee of the Phu believes this not to be a turn around for the relationship between Republic and Empire, but simply the result of a similar objective and/or goal.