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334.21 // Dark Shield Declares War on Jedi Order


Galactic Press received an encoded message written in Huttese yesterday evening. Permission from local authorities of the Republic has allowed us to air this message, which undoubtedly states the declaration of war against the Jedi Order.

People of the Republic,

We are Dark Shield; a criminal syndicate designed to protect the interests of the free people who break from the system. The one percent of population who feel that the laws em-placed by your elected government are designed to take money from us, rather than provide us with it in the form of a socio-economic utopian world. We rule ourselves, we control our own money, and all those who feel the same. We are that utopia. The Jedi Order is merely a hand for the tyrannic, capitalist system that you all love so much. We hereby declare war against the hand; the Jedi Order. You recently interfered with our operations, so now we shall interfere with yours. You will hear from us, soon.

Republic Officials state that there should be no panic, that investigations into the Dark Shield have been growing and this latest message will allow a crucial strike in the heart of the criminal organisation. More as it develops.