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326.30 // Diplomacy on Iridonia Fails.

The long civil war on Iridonia was met with hopes of a conclusion last night, as all four warring clan leaders agreed to meet. The governing figures of the Be’Tominyet, Ul’Narit, Rak’Slaret and Tul’Vyi clans sat down with Republic mediators to help establish new territories as well as draft up a treaty that would respect the four clan’s territorial integrity over their new regions. However, the negotiations were cut short as the meeting was raided by a band of Tul’Vyi rebels, allegedly under instruction from Tul’Vyi’s leading body.

These failed attempts at peace talks come as the controversial Republic military presence above Iridonia appears to be nearing its end. The blockade, that has long regulated all material entering and leaving the system, has slowly dwindled, with vessels returning to the core in small numbers over the last cycle. This likely comes as a result of the backlash seen in the Senate, with much of the affiliate membership proposing large scale cuts to military funding.

With the decline of the Republic’s presence on Iridonia, the fighting looks unlikely to stop. However, the failed peace talks have created a large turning point in the war, as the Tul’Vyi have become the new primary target of the other regional factions. The Be’Tominyet and the Ul’Narit have already established a formal truce, with each of them beginning to co-ordinate their troops cohesively with the other. The Rak’Slaret has also withdrawn troops from its neighbouring clan’s territory to reassign them to border protection, where it’s region meets with the Tul’Vyi’s land. All eyes are on the Tul’Vyi to see what they will do next, as it becomes the prime antagonist of the war, still remaining the largest and best equipped of the four clans.

More to come…