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298.16 // Mos Osnoe Massacre, and An Unlikely Break-Up?



Reports are coming in of an attack which took place on the city of Mos Osnoe, on the planet Tatooine. Sources say this seems to be a deliberate action taken by none other than the Tusken Raiders , commonly referred too as the Sand People by the inhabitants of Tatooine. We have no information as to why they decided to attack the city of Mos Osnoe, but sources also say that there has been a number of attacks actioned by the Tuskens across the deserts of Tatooine on a few random locations.

Many of the residents of Mos Osnoe were killed in the attack, but many more survived thanks to the actions of security forces put together and consisting of actual local authorities and any person able to hand a weapon of use against the would be attackers. Even though their own casualties were excessively high, they managed to keep the Tuskens back long enough for civilians to escape from the city during the raid.


We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news from Coruscant South-West. Now going to Rin Jaicup live on the scene! Why don’t you tell us what’s going on down there Rin?


Well Ular, if you look behind me you’ll see that I’m standing in front of the old Southwest CivSec building, where Kortuvva is being held in custody. Reports are sketchy right now, but eye witness reports are coming in stating that at around twenty-one thirty local time, Kortuvva was seen climbing the walls of buildings, swinging from service wires, and shouting slurs and epithets about..wait a moment, is this right?

::Rin looks off-camera for a moment, a quizzical look on his face::

I’m being told by our translator droid that she was actually singing slurs and epithets about a ‘soft-bellied chiptooth’. She was shortly thereafter arrested outside the Azure Dianoga Cantina wearing some sort of wet cape.

I’d to point out quickly that none of this is very unusual behavior for the artist. Her track record of causing a public commotion over some sort of personal grievance…hold on, we’re going to break right now for a statement from local Chief Esslen.

::The camera pans to the right, framing a heavy-set Mon Calamari with quivering jowls that shake as he speaks::

“…would like to make it perfectly clear right now that the only charges Kortuvva are being pressed with at this is that of disturbing of the peace. We cannot track the source of the cape she was wearing, but we can confirm that it did at one point belong on the body of a Trandoshan male. Apart from that we have no comment, and investigators will be beginning their inquiries imminently. Thank you for your time.”

::The display returns to Rin, his mouth left slightly agape for a moment before regaining his composure::

As you can see Ular, it’s been a very busy night for Kortuvva. We’ll be making inquiries of our own with Blackscale to see if he can shed any kind of light on these developments. For now, this is Rin Jaicup with GHN Media, back to you.