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295.31 // Umgullian Execution


After what can best be described as the shortest trial in peacetime history, the Umgullian Racing Commission passed the unanimous verdict of ‘guilty’ for Gran gambling promoter Toryak Vu today. Vu was convicted of three counts of blob race manipulation amounting to track-rigging, chemical enhancements, and insider gambling.

The Comission has been critisized heavily for their adherance to what has been called ‘outdated, draconic laws’ by many, but a strong grass-roots movement supporting the strict enforcement of rules has shown itself in the Coalition for the Protection of Non-Sentients.

Jude Alkorda, senior spokesperson for CPN responded to the verdict by saying…

“The Commission’s decision to uphold their long-standing death penalty is more than than just an exersize in soverign governance, it is also proof positive that laws protecting non-sentient beings are alive and well in our cold, un-feeling society. The care and protection of all non-sentients, be they blob, poly-pedal, or avian is a responsibility of all who value the sactity of life.”

In holding with Umgullian law, Vu’s execution will be carried out by the end of the cycle in a private facility as soon as his final affairs have concluded.

Runson Tip, GHN Sports