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295.03 // Male Gran killed in fall at Alzoc’s Capital.

A body crashing through one of the private booths of the III Starships in Alzoc Capital was reason for much commotion this evening. Upon further inspection, the male Gran appeared to have been shot with a blaster at point-blank range before being launched from a high ledge.

Jedi presence in the area intervened within moments after the event took place. Eyewitness reports state to have counted as many as six Jedi on the scene, involving themselves in the entire happening. Reports from apartments further down the block mentioned to have counted at least three active lightsabers at some point during the encounter. Chief Lón of the capital’s security department had this to say:

“As was reported, we can confirm that an individual did indeed perish in a fall from one of the upper levels late in the evening of 295.01. We are treating the incident as a homicide and as such, cannot comment further at this time. We would like to ensure our law-abiding citizens that we believe this to have been an isolated incident, and are actively investigating the situation with someone already being brought in for questioning in connection to the incident. Our streets are still safe to walk. Thank you, that will be all.”

With no confirmation as to the extent of the involvement of the Jedi present on the scene we can only go by eye witness account of their activities before the incident was said to have taken place. Reports say that the Jedi were seen hauling equipment back and forth between the hotel where the alleged murder was said to have happened. This then transcends into madness as the Jedi became involved in a stand off high above the street levels. Soon after Alzoc medical and forsensic teams showed up on the scene cornering off the area where the alleged victim of the fall is said to have been. Rumours have it that one other victim was killed during the chase but this has yet to be confirmed in full detail.

We will look to keep you informed about this, as more comes in.

Archus Clivi, GHN.