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290.21 // Prisoner-of-War Camps Liberated

Jedi strike teams have uncovered Chiss-run prisoner-of-war camps on the Ascendancy world of Sarvchi, after a devastating attack on Ascendancy military operations in the system. Sarvchi, the ancestral home of one of the Chiss ruling families, has been the focus of ongoing military operations in the past cycle. The ground operation, carried out by former members of the Ossus, Ilum and Dantooine branches of the Jedi Order, was intended to drive out the last remaining Chiss military assets but has instead discovered captured Alliance and Commonwealth personnel in high-security labour camps in the planet’s southern region. Reports suggest the camps have been in place for some time – GHN has learned that a number of inmates have been there since before the surrender of the Commonwealth, while eyewitness accounts imply that the camps themselves appear to be purpose-built facilities that predate the current conflict. A Coalition spokesperson has emphasised that all prisoners appear to be in good health, despite the nature of their detention, and will be returned to their homes soon.

Ular Tenn // GHN