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271.05 // Rebels Pushed Back as Galactic Alliance Surges

Upon the orders of General Thesor, a garrison of 525 Galactic Alliance troops descended from the Titan in an attempt to boost the Alliance’s strength on the surface of Zvarma City. Though a risky move to make within an urban environment, the extra surge of troops has effectively garnered a stronger presence within the capital, eliminating a greater number of resistance forces.

Combined with strategic bombing raids on rebel-controlled hangars, the skies within the atmosphere of Nensil are almost clear as the Galactic Alliance has begun to surround the entire capital, driving the rebels into the very thick of the city. When asked about the further strategy for victory, General Thesor gave Galactic HoloNews a brief statement:

They’re huddled within their protective den like frightened animals, and all that’s left to do is smoke them out.

271.05 Elharr Bitim // GHN