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264.22 // Yuuzhan Vong Vessel Vanishes!

The Yuzhan Vong community is in shock after it’s new flagship Mithra-Strohna has disappeared in the unknown regions…

The Vong research vessel before its disappearance.

The Vong research vessel before it's disappearance.

The Yuzhan Vong flagship vessel Mithra-Strohna has disappeared on it’s maiden voyage into the Unknown Regions. The research vessel boasted several thousand crew from various Vong caste’s including ‘Warriors’ and ‘Shapers’ alike. The vessel’s construction was authorised under the Galactic Alliance treaty and it’s mission was simple, to seek out new worlds and resources.

The news of Mithra-Strohna‘s disappearance first reached the Galactic Senate where a meeting was then held between Chief of State Benjamin Dama and Vong Sentator Shimrra Anor, accompanied by his chief researcher, the Master Shaper Myrma Kaniir.

An Aide to Chief of State Dama, Mr Co’alin Jemson later spoke to GHN:

We can confirm that the research vessel Mithra-Strohna has indeed vanished in the unknown regions of Space. It was in the midst of charting new transport routes to increase commerce and trade efficiency. Before the vessel disappeared from Vong tracking, it released an organic beacon. We cannot say at this time if a follow up investigation will include GA Investigators, but naturally a full inquisition into the matter will be held.

It is unknown what has become of the vessel’s crew, but Jemson suggests that there are potentially “Over eighteen thousand losses”. This tragic news is the greatest set back to the Yuzhan Vong since the sabotage of the Vong Forming project by The Sith before 130 ABY.

264.22 Spencer Colditch (Ed) // GHN