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259.23 // Chief of State Tin Dies

Harrowing scene unfolds during Megana Tin’s final public address…

Chief of State Megana Tin has died suddenly in a mysterious incident during her final public address outside the Senate building on Coruscant.

Chief of State Megana Tin at the start of her final address

Chief of State Megana Tin at the start of her final address

The female Mon Calamari was in the middle of her public speech, acknowledging the hard work of all those involved with the Bespin investigation and condemning the actions of those who had targeted Cloud City, when she collapsed over her pedestal clutching her head.

When she stood up her posture was changed and the look in her eyes strange. After the commotion amongst the onlookers died down she turned to the holocams and issued the following statement in a cold and expressionless tone:

The time has come when the Galaxy shall once again know true fear. Cloud City was the start and here, as the citizens of the Galactic Alliance watch, we shall pluck your precious figurehead from your midst before your very eyes. All that you hold dear can be taken from you. All that you hope for, crushed before it comes to fruition. You have seen one example of our power, now see the second. We are coming. We are many. We are the Sith.

The final word intoned, Tin coughed blood and fell forwards. Her body shook violently as if she were experiencing a seizure and then she was still. Her security team surged forwards and cut the transmission and medical staff rushed over to her lifeless body only to confirm her sad fate.

One other victim was found at the scene, a Male Mon Calamari Jedi from the Coruscant temple named Master Tiri Eerin. It was widely acknowledged that the former Chief of state and the Jedi had been courting in the run up to the end of her term as leader of the Free Alliance. Eerin was found dead at the scene, his internal organs crushed by an unknown force.

Tin’s security team informed GHN that Master Eerin was acting as a security consultant and that every major political figure in both the GA and CW had been accompanied by a Jedi since the attack on Cloud City. It seems his presence was not enough to avert this callous assassination.

The Jedi order will not confirm if the attack was indeed Sith in origin at this time. The Sith had been thought long dead since the defeat of Darth Krayt over a century ago. What this means for the Galaxy, only time will tell.

Megana Tin will be succeeded by the Minister of State, Benjamin Dama who previously served as the Corellian Senator. Dama and Tin were close friends and he is said to be stunned at today’s turn of events.

259.23 Spencer Colditch (Ed) // GHN