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285.11 // Treaty Finalized Between Chiss/Commonwealth



The details of the Commonwealth’s surrender to the Chiss Ascendancy have been finalised, officials have reported. The document, known as the Treaty of Bakura after the attack that prompted the surrender, outlines the full implications of the Chiss takeover of Commonwealth territories. GHN was given exclusive access to this key moment in Galactic history.

At the forefront of the many requirements of the treaty is that the Commonwealth is required to surrender unconditionally. This means the Chiss have given no guarantees to the Commonwealth regarding their future, allowing the invaders full and unrestricted power over their defeated adversary. A pale and tired looking Prime Minister Selanne signed the document in a low-key ceremony on Naboo, amidst a contingent of Chiss dignitaries and armed guards. Her future in this new Galactic order is as yet unknown, but it’s expected that she and her cabinet will formally resign their posts within the coming days.

Chiss military forces have immediately begun the occupation of previously unconquered Commonwealth worlds. Key planets such as Bespin, Naboo, Malastare and Sullust are all under martial law, with many more expected to be under full Chiss control in the coming cycles. Our political correspondent on Eriadu, Garm Solus, had this to report:

“The tension here in the capital is palpable. The sight of Chiss warships in the sky and soldiers in the streets is an intimidating one, and a constant reminder of the startling efficiency with which the Chiss have planted their flag on Commonwealth soil. Remarkably, the Chiss have allowed elected officials to remain in office and the transition has been a relatively smooth one. Not everyone is accepting of the occupation, however, and I have heard reports that resistance groups have been springing up around the planet, accusing Eriadu Governer Fermus and Prime Minister Selanne of being traitors. I spoke to a Chiss representative earlier, who assured me these groups “would be dealt with in a swift and decisive manner”. It seems the Chiss are here to stay.”

Correspondence from other worlds indicates a similar story. Local law enforcement agencies have been swiftly disbanded, with Chiss soldiers taking over all peacekeeping duties. Military officials have assumed executive control over local government, while elected officials and civil servants are being retained to ease the transition. Meanwhile, Commonwealth shipyards are being filled with crewless warships as the Commonwealth Navy is, along with its army, being dismantled. A spokesman for the Chiss fleet overseeing the operation at the Sullust shipyards hinted that these ships, and their crews, may be incorporated into the Ascendancy’s military at a later point. While we don’t know what the future holds for the neighbouring Alliance systems, for the Commonwealth, this war is over.

Ular Tenn // GHN