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The Jedi Code historically falls on three pillars. These pillars are as important as the tenets and precepts themselves, in outlining the importance of being a Jedi. The Force, Knowledge, and Self-discipline. Every student who begins training should naturally learn these pillars before they progress further. The teaching should fall in the same time as learning the Code. I’ve chosen to write briefly the pillars, giving definitions and my own opinions as to how I perceive the pillars in my own training; both as a Consular and an Archivist for the Alzoc Temple.

The Force, the first pillar. The importance of this pillar can be answered as simply as why we are Jedi. We have midi-chlorians in our blood, which allow us to influence and hear the Force. Simple. However, it isn’t as black and white as I just put it. There are concepts which have evolved through years upon years of research and philosophy regarding the Force. The result of this is the idea of two aspects to the Force. The Unifying, and Living Force. The Unifying Force is the philosphy that all the galaxy is connected and kept together by the Force. That, the will of the Force has existed forever, with all instances of change were predetermined by the will of the Force. The Living Force however, held a similar philosophy, however didn’t position itself on a linear perspective. The philosophy is that all life has the Force flowing through it, all connected by a flow. Therefore, the very concept of the live flow around them at all times kept the followers of this philosophy in the present. This is the general focus of the first pillar.

The second pillar, Knowledge. I personally follow this pillar the most, in terms of believing the importance of knowledge and wisdom through hours upon hours of reading and studying ultimately plays a massive factor in the effectiveness of a Jedi’s role throughout their life. Naturally, as an Archivist; I play an active role keeping this pillar active in the eyes of students and Masters through management of the Archives and constant assistance to those in need of information. Holocrons, devices of information which I’ve not yet had a chance to explore physically are a physical representation of this pillar. They often contain sensitive information passed on to the Archives of the Order by Jedi Masters over the years to accumulate centuries of information.

The third, and final pillar, Self-discipline. Considered an art, this pillar plays an important role above all else to the identity of the Jedi Order. Without self-discipline, the nature of training can be put off, resulting in an unsuccessful career as a Jedi. Even without the career of a Jedi, this pillar is an important moral value to hold for any sentient life. However as a Jedi, specifically in those who choose to focus their training in the role of Guardian will need to study this pillar in order to remain humble. The physical components of a Guardian can often mislead people into becoming arrogant, and aggressive. Elements of personality that the Jedi Order are not idolized or recognized for. I personally regard this pillar as an important lesson for anyone; Jedi or civilian alike.

To me, each pillar remains even on the grounds of importance in a Jedi’s learning. I personally hold the pillars of Knowledge and the Force in a higher regard to the third; but that is becoming most of my time is spent thinking on subjects that fall in those categories. Having said that, it shouldn’t be overlooked to practice self-discipline, so as often as I get the chance, I’ll challenge myself in the third pillar. Constant diligence must be made when practicing disciplines of the Code in all aspects. And personally, I feel that any Jedi who can successfully achieve this will develop into a wise and humble Jedi Knight or Master even, if the Force wills it one day.