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The Jedi Order

The date of its true formation unknown, it is widely believed that the Jedi Order was founded around the same time as the Galactic Republic–around 25,000 BBY. Drawing upon many similar organizations’ beliefs, the Jedi Order saw one of the first great unifications of beliefs regarding the mystical “Force”.

Initially set up as a loosely-associated group of philosophers, warriors, scientists, and physicians, over time the Jedi Order became more cohesive, especially following the establishment of the Jedi High Council. It was after this that the Jedi Order began to materialize into what it would become known as for thousands of years to come. A “Jedi Code” was adopted, a rank heirarchy instituted, and a set curriculum for new members to the Order was developed. With the introduction of the technogical advancement known as “lightsabers”, the Order soon became one of the most active, recognized, revered, and sometimes feared, non-political organization in the galaxy.

The Jedi Order has undergone many different stages throughout it’s long history. As already mentioned it was originally a group used to discuss knowledge, ideas, and philosophies. Over time, it became more of a politically-active group, often participating in wars and other political affairs. At several points in history it was directly or indirectly affiliated with the main galactic government of the time; first the Old Republic, the New Republic, the Galactic Alliance that followed and now, finally, the Galactic Republic once again. Currently, however, the Jedi Order is its own independent group, mostly free from any association with either of the two major governing bodies of the galaxy–the Republic and the restored Galactic Empire.

Currently, the Jedi Order is based on Coruscant, though it has many other branches throughout the galaxy, most notably on Dantooine, Ossus, and Ilum. It often carries out functions asked of it by various governments and groups, though it also carries out its own objectives. Since its separation from any outside government, the Order has become completely self-sufficient, using a portion of the crops its agricorps division harvests for food, and running its facilities off of donations from the groups and people it helps. The Jedi Order holds a mixed placement within the hearts of galactic citizens, as while many hold the heroic deeds of the Jedi closely, just as many distance themselves from what they perceive as a terrible scourge of the Galaxy.