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Homeworld: Rannon

Mentor(s): Eli Tzineda

Species: Verpine


It began with his “Progenitor” or “father”, an engineer specialized in starship design, whose homeworld was indeed the Roche Asteroid Field, where the Verpine live as a collective. However he sought even better opportunities, going independently from the rest of Verpine Society and into the greater world. However, na├»ve as he was, he got himself tangled in the web of organized crime syndicates and cartels. He nearly escaped with his life, escaping far from people who would want him dead, and settled on the planet of Rannon, in the settlement of Haranae to live and work in peace. It is where he laid an egg, Zhu’shk, but never had he told his descendant how or who fertilized the egg, but it is sure whoever it was, was not on Rannon any longer.

In the few first years of his life, as all Verpines, Zhu’shk hardly grew, rather developping the Verpine’s signature chitin, the carahide, as well as cognitive functions. His progenitor, using the non-verbal radio communication, would always stay in communication. Teaching, questions, confirmation, opinions, all were easily transmitted, and nearly instantly. Obviously it did not mean all was understood, it took time to do it all, but much more time could be dedicated to it without exhaustion. After a few years, Zhu’shk also joined in helping his progenitor’s work, learning to use tools and applying them. Working and listening to his progenitor’s instructions and orders were the norm, and really all he knew to do. Even while he could access the holonet and its variety of content, it made no sense to him. He avoided other sentients around his home, finding no purpose to interacting with them if he could simply do so with his progenitor at any time.

Over time he was tasked with more responsibilities, one of such were the duty to head to the scrapyard for spare parts. On one such occasion, on 428.10, while returning from the settlement’s scrapyard, his communications with his progenitor stopped coming, tried as he might, it was all quiet, it was lonely. It felt as though something was a miss, there was never such quiet, he would respond unless he slept, and he wouldn’t be sleeping at this time… Then he heard loud noises, like screams, weeping, and a new sound, almost visceral in its repetition. What one learns to recognize as a blaster. He quickly moved to his home to investigate, unaware of the danger.

However he was intercepted by Jedi. Proving themselves trustworthy, he explained the situation to them, and they went ahead first to investigate. However once done they did not let him return home, for he was now alone. The true fate of his father they did not reveal him, but it was sure that his progenitor was gone. They could not let him stay alone, it was decided he would be brought to an orphanage in Kenzie. But one had the foresight to first test him with traditional methods for force sensitivity, and the test confirmed the unexpected.

Thus he would have to stay in the temple until his fate was decided.