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Yusuke Masashi


Homeworld: Atrisia

Mentor(s): Mirkal

Species: Togruta


Yusuke Masashi, born on the planet Atrisia to father Daabi and mother Mahlo. Daabi and Mahlo, being both from Shili, decided to relocate to Atrisia shortly after marriage. About a year later, Yusuke joined to make a family of three. Early on, Yusuke’s parents felt that their new baby would be a handful and they were right.

As a toddler, Yusuke would be found gnawing on just about anything he could get his teeth around, even if it was his own montrals. He was a child of adventure, constantly keeping his parents eyes on him as he would be often climbing to unsafe heights. Daabi and Mahlo decided to enroll Yusuke in typical Atrisia activities for a small child.

When Yusuke was about four, his parents enrolled him in a local martial arts studio. They taught Yusuke how to defend himself, both armed and unarmed. This was the first time Yusuke realized what a goal was and set himself on getting better. He was determined to excel, often beating the other children his age in friendly sparring matches.

He stayed with the martial arts for years, learning of how to be humble, respectful, and the duty of honor. But not all lessons were engrained in Yusuke like the techniques he learned. As Yusuke got older, his trouble making didn’t cease. It only grew. From getting into fights outside of his academics or stealing small fruit or candy from the local bazaar.

On one particular day, with Yusuke being more sneaky then his usual self, broke away from his mother while at the bazaar. And while this wasn’t out of the ordinary, he made it increasingly more difficult to find him. Where he might of once simply hidden under a table, now Yusuke was scaling the small huts and pods of the bazaar. On this day, Yusuke’s life would change forever.

Yusuke had lost his mother this time. And while he may be punished when she finds him, the thrill and comedy of it all was too much for him to pass up. Yusuke had just stolen one of his favorite fruits from a local stand and was hidden behind the corner of a larger pod, keeping his eye on his mother in the crowd. Suddenly, a deep voice arose from behind him, one he’s never heard before. It sounded modulated but spoke directly to him.

“You worry her with these kind of games” the voice said. Yusuke didn’t respond. He simply turned around and looked up at the tall Kel Dor standing directly behind him. The Kel Dor was draped in a long flowing poncho that covered most of him. He reached his hand out and pressed it on Yusuke’s back, escorting him quietly back to his mother.

Once back with his mother, the Kel Dor spoke quietly with her. By the end of the conversation, Mahlo was nearly in tears. Having spent so many years trying to contain Yusuke, she just couldn’t take it anymore. The Kel Dor offered to take Yusuke to Ossus to learn and be cared for by a community of Jedi. While reluctant at first to let go of her only child, it was the best thing for everyone. Mahlo knelt down to a seven year old Yusuke and gently touched her forehead to his before the Kel Dor took the small Togruta away.

For the next two years, Yusuke would find himself excelling in many ways. But his trouble making continued. He found it hard to make many friends and found it even more difficult staying out of trouble. Yusuke often found himself in the middle of fights or acting out against his mentors.

This led to many disagreements with his mentors, some even questioning if Yusuke would ever adapt properly. But the same Kel Dor that brought Yusuke to Ossus spoke up and suggested he be transferred to another location of the Jedi. Somewhere that he might have more expressive freedom and where he may find it more suitable to control his emotions.

Today, he lands on Rannon to start all over.