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Homeworld: Ryloth

Mentor(s): Donan Healof

Species: Twi'lek


Tyriajab was born into a loving family and was very close to her parents. During the occupation of Ryloth, Tyriajab’s parents got in contact with the resistance and incurred the wrath of The Wyld. After some time, her family was arrested along with the rest of the village. Her parents, knowing she wouldn’t be noticed, put her to work. She was told to help fix a droid as she had small hands that could fit into the cramped space.

Following her parents’ instructions, she got the thing up and running. While she was helping her parents, they were building relationships to make them free again. After returning to her cell, her parents didn’t come back. Unbeknownst to her, they had decided to take the fall for the village leaders. After this, they were executed, leaving her alone in a world ruled by The Wyld. After a few days, she decided the best way to comfort herself would be to help comfort the other children through this hard time. Eventually, they were rescued.

Afterwards, she looked for her parents to no avail. Hoping they were out there somewhere, she went with the flow of things just as they instructed her to do when they were captured. Living in the Gella’s newly started village, she began doing her part, helping as much as she could. Mostly keeping to herself and keeping her head down. She helped repair some of the broken electronics. While trying to help move a box of droid parts from storage, she accidentally made it fall and unknowingly stopped it just before it hit her head. The other person in the room took notice of this and informed the Gella’s. They contacted their daughter, a Jedi at the Rannon branch, and she was picked up and brought to the temple. Now on a new planet with no parents and knowing just enough basic to get by.